Outdoor microcement

Passion for the harmony of the environment.


Recommended for outdoor floors for its elegance and cleaning, microcement pavements enrich the surroundings and visually fit into the environment.

Especially for coating facades, porches, floors for patios, terraces and walls outside as it harmonizes and protects through a modern style and it makes the elements around outstand. Therefore it becomes the perfect place to unwind after work, the best balm for the emotions.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can see some of our work projects where we apply specific decorative continuous coatings for walls and floors outside.

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The characteristics and properties of microcement are excellent for terraces, gardens and patios floors, thanks to the high performance that it offers to friction and impacts and its efficient adaptation to climatic and seasonal changes.

This, added to the balance generated by their finishes in the open spaces, provides a modern, fresh and cheerful atmosphere. Our wide variety of colours will fill your exteriors with a spectacular visual quality, according to your wishes and preferences.


“Because their references are our greatest source of projects”.

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