Microcement for business

Make a difference, coatings for your business.


Transmit a fresh and contemporary image through our decorative finishes, which provide exclusivity and distinction to their establishment. One of the great advantages of microcement is that it prevents removal of the existing surface, thanks to its adhesion to most materials, making it a highly recommended solution to reform shop floors.

Below you can see some projects by IngreMic through the use of decorative coatings for commercial buildings, museums, hotels, restaurants, offices…

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We have a new and customizable material up to the point of being able to choose from more smooth or textured finishes, with greater or lesser number of finishes and in a wide range of colours.

We also offer the possibility of making or printing corporate logos and manufacturing the identifying colour of your brand in floors, walls or furniture. Because if you want to make a difference, you will need exclusivity and personalization; characteristics that define perfectly the microcement.


“Because their references are our greatest source of projects”.

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