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A coated microcement pool is one of the decorative choices with higher tendency today to outdoor reforms, being able to immerse you in a space of modernity and relaxation.

The microcement applied to floor pools offers a spectacular, colourful and practical finish, providing leakproof to microcracks or small cracks due to the properties of the material and special sealing with water-repellent.

Be inspired by some of the projects we have done with microcement application pools for both borders, floors, crowns, fountains, waterfalls, garden, spa or wellness and ponds.

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It is time to take a dive into a fully continuous space without joints, which will generate a sense of continuity with the environment. One of the best qualities it has is that it can be coated on any surface base thanks to its great adaptability.

Their results are excellent, it does not age or yellow ground pool, but quick maintenance is recommended (you can make yourself) every now and then to prolong the durability of the product. Thanks to the wide variety of colours and finishes that we have, you can project your identity and personality to your pool so that their baths are unique and unforgettable.


“Because their references are our greatest source of projects”.

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